Congratulations you have chosen a childcare and educational program/facility that is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.


The story of Happy Child Preschool & Daycare began many years ago in the former Soviet Union. The director Mira, grew up in a family of educators. Mira's mother was a life-long math teacher and her father was a school principal. Although Mira graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering, she quickly realized that her true calling was teaching. She began working as a teacher at a local preschool, where her son was attending a toddler group. Mira continued her education while working her way up to take charge of the entire school of over 200 kids.

In 1988 Mira left the Soviet Union. After stepping off the plane in Boston, she started working at a home daycare in Brookline the very next day. One year later, Happy Child Daycare & Preschool welcomed its first child. Without any advertising, the school's popularity was growing by word of mouth. In a few short years, the original school of 18 children has grown to the almost 80 precious minds we have today.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you sense that this place is very special. From Lilya (the school cook who's been with us for over 15 years), who prepares warm daily meals; to the warm smiles of teachers and happy voices of children in the classrooms, you can feel the atmosphere of the school right away! Children enjoy countless trips to the petting zoo, apple picking, sprinkler parks, recreational parks, movies and hay rides, and of course the famous Halloween parade; it seems the school has and does it all! Happy Child engages children in numerous classes such as: karate, soccer, creative movement and music. Then, in the summer, there are the wadding pools and the sprinklers, kids' absolute favorite. Every year we hold a Thanksgiving Potluck dinner, an Art Gallery, and Welcome Back to School party. Throughout the year families enjoy many "breakfast with parents" mornings, along with their children. The year is wrapped up with our annual graduation BBQ, which includes clowns and fun galore!

To put it simply, Happy Child Preschool & Daycare is the home away from home for your children. The teachers, most with bachelor's or master's degrees in education, are devoted to raising happy, healthy, and intelligent children and put their heart and soul into their teaching.

Reach out to us and find out for yourself why countless parents choose to have their kids spend their days with us.


What can I say! When I walked through your door eight years ago, I never could have dreamed that my children would be loved and cared for with such devotion. I can't say enough about you and your staff. I'm so thankful for everything you all do everyday. Never once did I have to worry about the boys. I always knew they were in fantastic hands.
Liz C.

Dear Mira,
We feel so grateful to have found our way to Happy Child. You have created a wonderful place for children to grow and learn. All the teachers are lovely people - talented, warm and kindhearted. Though it is hard to not be with our kids all the time, we are comforted knowing they are so well cared for in an atmosphere that is positive. It really does "take a village to raise a child" and we are glad Happy Child is our village.
Barbara, Amanda, Elianor & Max.

Dear Mira,
We want to thank you for creating such a pleasant environment at Happy Child! You are a great leader. Congratulations again on getting the national accreditation. It means a lot. Sabrina was so lucky to get into Happy Child when we first moved here. We will miss you.
Linda, Willie.

Dear Sarah!
Thanks so much. Max has really grown in preschool I & II. We are so appreciative of all the care and love you give to Max. All the best to you.
Wilson family.

Dear Mira,
Today is such a sad day for us. We are so grateful to have been a part of Happy Child for the last two years. Your caring, kindness, love and support are more special than we can express. Everything at Happy Child is an expression of you. Thank you for being so good to us.
Karen, Joe.

Dear Mira,
… Your great gift as an educator and administrator has been your ability to seek out and retain the best possible teachers for the loving and nurturing environment you have painstakingly created at The Happy Child. The fact that skilled and caring teachers choose to stay with you for many years is a tribute to the support you provide them, as well as the respect they attribute you for the way you establish and demonstrate by example the highest standards of professional conduct. They in turn pass that respect and care along to children in their care. …
Roy & Nancy

Thank you for doing the puppet show and for the food we do at school. Thank you for taking care of me. I LOVE you.
Mark, (3.5 years old)

Dear Mira,
I truly feel that a very wonderful chapter in my life has come to a close, as I make my last trips to The Happy Child. My strong beliefs that the first few years of a child's life are the most important in setting habits, health, and self-confidence, as well as learning and mastering basic skills, has been reinforced by your constant supervision and leadership at The Happy Child. … I want to complement you on your success at attracting good staff. They have been consistently strong, good at classroom discipline, love for everyone, and have maintained high quality program content. I know excellence is hard to maintain.
Grandma Jo G.

Thank You for 9 (nine!!) wonderful years at Happy Child. We will miss having you as a daily presence in our lives, but the love and care you and all the staff have given our children will live on forever….
Much love and appreciation,

Dear Mira,
I am an attorney and a mother of three children ages 12, 10, and 4. All of them have experienced the joy of jump starting their social and educational adventures at Happy Child. My boys, both of whom are now in the Newton public school system, remain best friends with the children they met in Happy Child; and my daughter is currently busy establishing new friendships there each day. I have experienced warmth, love, and guidance from Mira and her staff during the many years "my family was her family". My children received the utmost care and attention every single day while on premises. It never ceases to amaze me how Mira and all of the teachers at Happy Child made and continue to make each of my children feel like they were the most important part of her/their day.
I would recommend Happy Child to anyone who's is looking to have their child placed in a bubble of love and care for the day.
Eva M.


Happy Child has been a part of my life for nine years. I began here as a teacher and learned quickly that working with children would be my life's work. I sadly had to take a break from teaching, to pursue my graduate degree, but I never really left. I spent years substituting in the summer months and consulting with Mira. I just couldn't stay away. There is something unique about this school and the people who work here. When my own child was born the question of where he will spend 8 hours a day, wasn't even a question. Over the years, I have had the advantage of seeing first-hand how much each child is loved and cared for. I have seen the unique activities the children are exposed to, the quality and the caliber of teaching, and above all, the devotion from Mira and the teachers. In retrospect, I was fortunate to see this amazing school from the "inside" before I saw it from the "outside".


Happy Child is not only a wonderful, inviting place for children and parents, but it is also a welcoming and supportive place to work. As highly qualified teachers of Pre-Kindergarten, we often have as much fun as do the children! We apply our educational experience daily in creative ways, while simultaneously gaining professional growth and support both within and outside of our program. We are encouraged to play and pretend, explore and discover, dance and sing right along with our students. And we cherish every moment of our interactions.To know that our preparation and lessons have provided those opportunities and moments for children is a fantastic and powerful thing. We feel fortunate to have numerous occasions to build meaningful and lasting partnerships with the families of our students, as well. We are happy teachers at Happy Child!

Brianne, Shannon, Nikki, Lori (Pre-K teachers)